High-Speed MOSFET Driver  
Part No. Features Vcc Icc(Max) Iout(Peak) tD Max tR Max / tF Max Package
US2829 Single-Channel High-Speed MOSFET Driver

* Low-cost single-channel high-speed MOSFET driver
* 2A peak output current
* 25ns max rise/fall times and 40ns max propagation delay,1nF load
* Low power dissipation: ICC=15μA(Max)
4.0V~14.0V 15uA 2A 40nS 25nS / 25nS SOT-25
UTC4424 3A Dual High-Speed Power MOSFET Drivers

* Power supply voltage: 4.5V to 18V
* High Capacitive Load Drive Capability: 1800pF in 25 ns
* Short Delay Times: <40 ns (typ)
* Low Output Impedance: 3.5Ω (Typ.)
4.5V~18.0V 2.5mA 3A 75nS 35nS / 35nS DIP-16 SOP-16
Black: Under  Development