Video Signal Switch   
Part No. Features Supply Voltage(V) VCC=5V (TA=25) Package
UM1671 Low Voltage Operating 75 Driver

* Supports 3V and 5V systems
* High-precision voltage gain
* Including a high-performance 4-order LPF, a available output gain
built-in amp and a sag auxiliary circuit
2.8V ~ 5.5V <10mA (Vcc=3V) - SOT-26 DIP-8
A7623 2×75 Driver IC with 3 Internal Circuits

* Triple channels.
* Can be directly coupled to the previous circuit.
* Each output can drive two loads (75Ω×2).
* Output short circuit protection.
4.5V ~ 5.5V <37.8mA - SOP-8
M7612 3-Input Video Signal Switches Built-in Mute 6dB Amplifier and 75Ω Driver

*3-input / 1-output switches.
*Built-in mute 6dB amplifier and 75Ω driver.
*Large input impedance (20kΩ Typ.).
*Wide operating supply voltage range
(4.5V ~ 13.0V for SIP-8 package)
(4.5V ~ 9.5V for SOP-8 package).
*Low power dissipation (103mW Typ.).
*Excellent frequency characteristics (10MHz, 0dB Typ.).
*Wide dynamic range (3.5VP-P Typ.).
*Low interchannel crosstalk (– 65dB Typ., f = 4.43MHz).
4.5V ~ 9.5V/4.5V ~ 13.0V <29mA - SOP-8 SIP-8
UA7622* 3-Input Video Switch with 75Ω Driver 4.75V ~ 5.5V <35.4mA - DIP-8 SOP-8
M3355 2-Input Single Video Switch

* Operating Voltage: +4.75V ~ +13V
* 2 Input-1 Output
* Crosstalk 70dB (at 4.43MHz)
4.75V ~ 13.0V <11.0mA 15mV DIP-8 SOP-8 TSSOP-8
M3366 3-Input Video Switch with 75Ω Driver

* Operating Voltage 4.75 ~ 13V
* 3 Input- 1 Output
* Internal Driver Circuit for 75Ω lmpedance
* Muting Function available
* Internal Clamp Function
* Low power Dissipation 16.5mA
* Cross-talk 70dB (at 4.43MHz)
* Wide Frequency Range 10MHz (2Vp-p Input)
4.75V ~ 13.0V 11.5mA ~ 22mA 30mV DIP-8 SOP-8
M3368 3-Input Video Switch with 6dB Amplifier

* Operating Voltage: 4.75 ~ 13V
* 3 Input-1 Output
* Internal 6dB Amplifier
* Muting Function available
* Internal Clamp Function
* Cross-talk 65dB (at 4.43MHz)
* Wide Frequency Range 5MHz (1Vp-p Input)
4.75V ~ 13.0V 9.5mA ~ 21mA 60mV DIP-8 SOP-8
M4034 3-Input Video Switch with 70dB Amplifier

* Operating Voltage: +4.75V ~ +13V
* 3 Input-1 Output
* Muting Function available
* Wide Operating Supply voltage Range: 4.75V ~ 13V
* Cross-talk 70dB (at 4.43MHz)
* Muting Function available
* Bipolar Technology
4.75V ~ 13.0V <14.5mA 30mV DIP-8 MSOP-8 SOP-8 SIP-8
V2267 Dual Video 6dB Amplifier with 75 Driver

* Dual Channel
* Wide Operating Voltage (4.85V ~ 9.0V)
* Low Operating Current 14.0mA (Dual)
* Wide Frequency Range (7MHz)
* Internal Clamp Function
* Internal Driver Circuit For 75Ω Load
* SAG Corrective Function
* Bipolar Technology
4.85V ~ 9.0V <18.2mA - DIP-8 TSSOP-8 SOP-8
*: Under  Development