Motor Controller IC
(a.) DC-FAN Controller IC
Part No. Features Supply Voltage (Max) Supply Voltage         VCC/(IOUT=200mA) Package
F6908 Single-Phase Full-Wave Motor Driver IC

* Soft Switching Drive for Low Noise
* Lock Detection and Automatic Restart Function
* Thermal Shut-Down Protection
15V 3.0V ~ 14.0V Vcc=5.0V SOP-8 HSOP-8 MSOP-8
687mW 0.2V(Typ) 4.1V(Typ)
F1962 Single-Phase Full-Wave Motor Driver IC

* Wide Operating Voltage 5V or 12V Are Both Acceptable
* Built-In Hall Amplifier And Hall Bias Circuit
* Built-In Lockup And Thermal Protection With Automatic Recovery Circuits
* Rotation Detection Output
* Start/Stop Pin For Standby Mode Control
17V 3.8V ~ 16.8V Vcc=5.0V MSOP-10 SSOP-10
850mW / 600mW 0.2V(Typ) 4.1V(Typ)
F2961 High Efficient Direct PWM Drive IC

* Single phase bipolar drive(16V,1A output transistor built in.)
* Built in variable speed function with thermistor input signal.
(External excitations direct PWM of upper side transistor control,low noise and low vibration.)
* Include re-circulation Diode and external parts are few.
* Include Hall bias circuit and thermal shut down circuit.
* Minimum speed settable.
* Full drive at open thermistor.
* Lock protect and auto restart function.
* FG output and RD output signal available.
18V 4.5V ~ 16.0V Vcc=12.0V SSOP-16 TSSOP-16 HTSSOP-14 DFN4030-14
800mW/1100mW 0.2V(Typ) 0.9V(Typ)
SK1288 2-Phase DC-FAN Motor PRE-Driver IC

* Wide supply voltage range of 2.5V to 20V
*Output current Io(max)=600mA
*Operate with Hall element
*Lock protection
*Auto-restart when the motor lock is undone
*FG(frequency generator) output
*SOP-8 package
20V 2.5V ~ 20.0V Vcc=3.0V SOP-8
700mW 0.3V(Typ) -
F6406/G 2-Phase DC-FAN Motor PRE-Driver IC

* Wide supply voltage range of 2.5V to 30V
* Lock protection
* Auto-restart when the motor lock is undone
* RD(latch-type lockup detection) output (F6406)
* FG(frequency generator) output (F6406G)
30V 2.5V ~ 30.0V Vcc=12.0V/(IOUT=10mA) SOP-8
700mW - 10.5V(Typ)
UA9406/G 2-Phase DC-FAN Motor PRE-Driver IC

* Lock Protection
* Auto-Restart when the Motor Lock is Undone
*Compact 8-pin SOP Package Reduces the Number of External
Components Required.
*Hall Inputs have a Hysteresis.
*Lock Detection for UA9406.
* FG (Frequency Generator) Output for UA9406G.
*Rotational Speed Sensing Mechanisms are Built in for UA9406G
30V 4.0V ~ 28.0V Vcc=12.0V/(IOUT=10mA) SOP-8 MSOP-8
600mW/550 mW - 10.5V
UM2640 2-Phase Unipolar DCB Motor Pre-Driver IC

* Wide supply voltage range of 4V~55V
* Absolute Maximum Voltage 60V
* Lock protection.
Auto-restart when the motor lock is undone.
* Lock Alarm Output Terminal
60V 4.0V ~ 55.0V Vcc=48.0V SOP-8 MSOP-8
375mW - -
F1836 Low-saturation, Bidirectional Motor Driver
for Low-voltage Applications

* Operating under low voltage range (Minimum: 2.5V)
* Low saturation voltage (only 0.48V for 0.4A)
* Parallel connection (only 0.5V for 0.8A)
* Built-in Spark killer diodes
* Built-in Thermal shutdown Protection Function
* Separate motor power supply and logic power supply
* Brake function
* Compact package
10.5V 2.5V ~ 9.0V Vcc=3.0V/(IOUT=400mA) SOP-14
800mW 0.4V(Typ)
UMD6210* - - - - DIP-8
- - -
UMD6211* - - - - DIP-8
- - -
UMD6212* - - - - DIP-8
- - -
UMD1782* Toy Motor Driver 10V 3.0V ~ 9.0V Vcc=5.0V/(IOUT=500mA) SOP-8 DIP-8
625mW/1250mW 1.0V(Typ)
UMD9111 * H bridge driver of internal PMOS/NMOS power switches
* Built-in anti-common state conduction circuit.
* Low output impedance
* Low standby current (typ.0.1uA)
* Low static operational current
* On-chip thermal shut down (TSD) with hysteresis
7.0V 5V 9.6V SOP-8
- - -
UMD9112 * H bridge driver of internal PMOS/NMOS power switches
* Can realize 4 functions (forwardbackwardstandbybrake) of
load motor
* Low output impedance
* Low standby current (typ.0.1μA)
* Low static operational current (typ.300μA, VCC=3V)
* On-chip thermal shut down (TSD) with hysteresis
6.5V 5V 6V SOP-8
- - -
UMD9113* - - - - DIP-8
- - -

* Low voltage operation (VDDMIN=VSMIN=1.5V)
* Low saturation voltage (Upper transistor + low transistor residual
voltage; 0.4V typ. at 300mA, VDD=VS=3V)
* Low input current
* Brake function
* High output sinking and driving capability
5.5V 1.5V ~ 5.5V - SOP-8
680mW - -
FC8779 Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuit

* Soft switched drive
* Built-in Lock Protection and Auto Restart Function
* FG Output
* Include Hall Bias Circuit
* Thermal shut-down circuit
7V .2.2V~6.0V Vcc=5.0V/
(IOUT=250mA upper and lower total)
585mw 0.32V(Typ)
FC2961* - - - - TSSOP-16
- - -

* Pre-driver for single-phase full-wave drive
Low-saturation drive using external PMOS-NMOS enables
high-efficiency low power-consumption drive.
* External PWM input enabling variable speed control
Separately-excited upper direct PWM (f=30kHz) control method
enabling highly silent speed control.
* Current limiting circuit incorporated
Chopper type current limit at start.
* Reactive current cut circuit incorporated
Reactive current before phase change is cut to enable silent and
low power-consumption drive.
* Minimum speed setting pin
Minimum speed can be set by set with external resistor.
* Soft start setting pin
* Lock protection and automatic reset functions incorporated
* FG (rotation speed detection) output
* Thermal shutdown circuit incorporated
18V 6.0V~16.0V - TSSOP-16
800mW 0.5V(Typ) -

* Single-phase full-wave drive
* Variable speed control with External PWM input
* Current limiter circuit
* Reactive current cut circuit
* Compatible with 12V, 24V, and 48V power supplies
* Minimum speed setting pin
* Reference voltage output pin for Hall bias
* automatic reset and Lock protection functions incorporated
* (Rotation speed detection), RD (Lock detection) output
18V 6.0V~16.0V Vcc=12.0V TSSOP-20 SSOP-20
800mW - -

* Single-phase full-wave drive (16V to 1.2A transistors are built in)
* Speed adjustment function by thermistor input and external
signal incorporated
Enables silent and low-vibration variable speed control
through direct PWM control with separately-excited upper tR
* Kick-back absorption circuit are built in
* Current limiter function (The limiter value determined with Rf,
limit at IO=480mA with RL=1Ω connection,)
* Low-consumption, low-loss, and low-noise drive enabled by the
soft switching circuit during phase shift
* HB incorporated
* Lock protection and automatic reset functions incorporated
* FG (rotation detection) output
* Regeneration Di incorporated with less external parts
* Thermal shutdown circuit incorporated
17V 4.5V ~ 16.0V Vcc=12.0V SOP-18
800mW 0.2V 0.8V
FD6588* 24V power supply, BTL output linear drive
Single-phase Fan Motor IC 
28V 8V ~ 26.4V Vcc=24.0V SSOP-10
800mW 0.2V(Typ) 0.9V(Typ)
*: Under  Development
(b.) PWM Motor Driver and Controller  
Part No. Features Supply Voltage (Max) Supply Voltage         VCC Package
UA3967* Microstepping Motor Driver With Translator 30V 4.75V ~ 30.0V 3.0V ~ 5.5V SOP-24
2200mW 5.0mA 1.3V (IOUT=+750mA)
L6219 Stepper Motor Drive

*Interchangeable with SGS L6219
*750mA Continuous Output Current
*45V Output Sustaining Voltage
*Internal Clamp Diodes
*Internal PWM Current Control
*low Output Saturation Voltage
*Internal Thermal Shutdown Circuitry
45V 10.0V ~ 45.0V 4.75V ~ 5.25V SOP-24
2200mW 25.0mA 1.2V (IOUT=+750mA)
MD8837 ˋ* PWM Interface, IN1/IN2
* Low-power Sleep Mode With 120-nA Maximum Sleep Current
nSLEEP pin
* 1.8-A Maximum Drive Current
* Separate Motor and Logic Supply Pins:
Motor VM: 0~11 V
Logic VCC: 1.8~7 V
* Protection Features
VCC Undervoltage Lockout
Overcurrent Protection
* Thermal Shutdown
12 V 0V ~ 11 V 1.8V ~ 7 V SOP-24
- - -
MD9110 * Wide supply voltage range: 2.5V~12V
* Low quiescent current
* Lower saturation voltage
* 800mA continuous output current capability per channel
* TTL / CMOS compatible output, and can be directly connected
to the CPU
* Built-in clamp diodes for inductive load
* Control and drive integrated into a monolithic IC
* High-voltage protection pin
2.5V~12V 12 V 12 V SOP-8
- - -
UA3955* Full-Bridge PWM Microstepping Motor Driver 50V 5.0V ~ 50.0V 4.5V ~ 5.5V DIP-16 SOP-16
2900mW/1980mW 4.0mA 1.5V (IOUT=+1.5A)
*: Under  Development
(c.) CD/DVD/VCD Motor Driver  
Part No. Features Supply Voltage (Max) Supply Voltage         VCC Package
UA9849 3-Phase Motor Driver

* Three-phase, full-wave, pseudo-linear drive system.
* Built-in power save and thermal shutdown functions.
* Built-in current limiter and Hall bias circuits.
* Built-in FG output.
* Built-in rotation direction detector.
* Built-in reverse rotation prevention circuit.
* Built-in short brake pin.
7.0V 4.25V ~ 5.5V Vcc=5V/(IOUT=±600mA) HSOP-28
2200mW VOL=0.4V VOH=1.0V
UA1538 4-Channel Motor Driver For Portable CD Players

* Built-in 4ch H bridge driver and PWM control of load drive
voltage is made possible by external components.
* DC-DC converter control circuit on chip.
* With reset output inversion output pin.
* Empty detection level can be switched between rechargeable
battery and dry battery.
* Constant current charging; current value can be varied using
external resistor.
* Built-in power transistor for charging.
* Built-in independent thermal shutdown circuit.
13.5V 1.5V ~ 8.0V VCC1=12V,IL=200mA QFP-44
625mW 1.2V(On) 240mV
UA8954 4-Channel BTL Driver

* Wide dynamic range, (4.0V (typ.) at PreVcc=12V, PVcc=5V,
* Level shift circuit built in.
* Thermal-shut-down circuit built in.
* UTC UA8954 is a 4 channel driver for optical disc motor driver.
Dual channel current feedback type drivers are built in, in addition to dual
channel motor drivers.
* Stand-by mode built in.
* Separating Vcc into Pre+Power of sled motor, Power of loading
motor and Power of actuator, can make better power efficiency,
by low supply voltage drive.
<Actuator driver>
Current phase lag influenced load inductance is little, because
this type is current feedback.
<Sled motor driver>
Input pins consist of (+) and (-), therefore various input types are
available such as differential input.
<Loading driver>
This is a single input Iinear BTL driver.
13.5V 4.3V ~ 13.2V VCC1=12V,RL=8Ω HSOP-28
1700mW IST=0.5mA VSTON=0.5V
UA8868/S 5 Channel BTL Driver for DVD Player

* Built-in 5 channel drivers:
Dual actuator drivers
Sled motor driver
Spindle driver
Tray in-out driver
* Built-in Two independent comparators
* Thermal shut down and Mute circuit.
13.5V 4.3V ~ 13.2V VCC1=12V VCC2=5V(IL=200mA)  HSOP-28
1700mW - Vsat=1.1V
UA9392 4 Channel BTL Driver

* PWM input is filtered by the internal primary filter, eliminating the
need for attached resistors and capacitors, thereby helping
reduce the number of components. Resistor and capacitor time
constant can be changed with attached components.
* Internal mute circuit.
* Thermal shutdown circuit is contained.
* Level-shift circuit is contained.
16.0V 5.0V ~ 10.0V VCC1=8V,RL=8Ω HSOP-28
1600mW IQ=12mA VMON=0.5V
*: Under  Development
(d.) General Purpose Motor Controller  
Part No. Features Supply Voltage (Max) Supply Voltage         VCC Package
AN6650 DC Motor Speed Control Circuit

*Wide Operating Supply Voltage: VCC=1.8V-7V
*Few External Components
*Easy Speed Control Mode
7.5V 1.8V ~ 7.0V Vcc=3.0V DIP-8 SOP-8
750mW/360mW 1.28V -
L1848* Low-Voltage Bidirectional Motor Driver 8.0V 2.5V ~ 7.5V Vcc=5.0V SOP-10
870mW - VSF=1.7V(Io=400mA)
AN8850 DC Motor Control Circuit

* Wide range of operating voltage : VCC(opr) =1.8V ~ 12V
* 2 package types
* Fewer external parts
* Speed control in steps with linear fine control
12.0V 1.8V ~ 12.0V Vcc=3.0V DIP-8
750mW 1.28V -
AN6651 DC Motor Speed Control Circuit

*Wide operating supply voltage: VCC=3.5V ~ 14.4V
*Small four-lead plastic packer for compact motor.
*Few external components
*Stable low reference voltage (1.0V, typical)
*Wide motor speed setting
*Reverse voltage protection circuit built-in
14.4V 3.5V ~ 14.0V Vcc=6.0V TO-126B
1300mW 1.0V 40
1470 DC Motor Speed Regulators

*Excellent Versatility in use.
*High Output current.
*Low Quiescent current.
*Low Reference voltage.
*Excellent parameters stability versus temperature.
*Excellent characteristic at low supply voltage.
18.0V 3.5V ~ 16.0V Vcc=12.0V TO-126B
1200mW 1.27V 20
BA6220 DC Motor Speed Regulator

* Wide range of working power supply voltage range
(VCC= 3.5V - 16V).
* Very large starting torque at the low voltage.
* Large permissible loss due to effective utilization of substrate radiation.
* Usable for various DC motors by means of changing constants of the external components.
18.0V 3.5V ~ 16.0V Vcc=12.0V DIP-8 SOP-8
1400mW/800mW 1.27V 20
BA6208 Reversible Motor Controller

* Recommended operating supply voltage range from 4.5V to15.0V.
* Built-in motor driving power transistors(typ.100mA).
* Brake is applied when stopping the motor (when Ain and Bin are
both HIGH level).
* Very low standby circuit current(when Ain and Bin are both LOW
* Built-in diode to absorb surge currents.
* Direct control with the TTL logic.
18.0V 4.5V ~ 15.0V Vcc=9.0V DIP-8 SOP-8 SIP-9 MSOP-8
500mW/450mW/700mW - -
UA9287 Reversible Motor Driver

* With the VREF Pin, Output Voltage can be Set Arbitrarily.
* The Current Dissipation can be Suppresses with Power Saving
Circuit Built-In when in Stop Mode.
* Thermal Shutdown Circuit Built-In.
* Interfaces with TTL Devices.
18.0V 4.5V ~ 15.0V VCC=9V SOP-8 DIP-8
650mW IST=15uA IREF=12mA
AN6652 DC Motor Speed Regulation IC

*Small four-lead plastic package for compact motor. Fewer
external parts.
*Stable low reference voltage (1.25V typ.), wide motor speed
*Highly stable operation over a wide range of supply voltage
and torque supply voltage, Vcc=6V~20V
*Reverse voltage protection circuit is built-in.
22.0V 6.0V ~ 20.0V Vcc=12.0V TO-126B
1300mW 1.25V 20
*: Under  Development