Telecommunication Circuit  
(a.) Ringer
Part No. Features VCC Package
LS1240A Electronic Tone Ringer with Built-in Bridge  Rectifier

* Low current consumption.
* Integrated rectifier bridge with zener diodes to overvoltage
* Minimum external circuitry.
* Both frequencies of tone and switching are adjustable by external
* Integrated voltage and current hysteresis.
26V DIP-8 SOP-8
31002A Telephone Tone Ringer

*Designed for telephone bell replacement.
*Low current drain for multiple extension of lines.
*Adjustable 2-frequency tone.
*Adjustable warbling rate.
*Built-in hysteresis prevents false triggering and rotary dial
*Programmable for initiation current by simple external resistor
29V DIP-8 SOP-8
TA31001 Telephone Tone Ringer

*Designed for Telephone Bell Replacement.
*Low Current Drain for Multiple Extension of Lines.
*Adjustable 2-Frequency Tone.
*Adjustable Warbling Rate.
*Built-in Hysteresis Prevents False Triggering and Rotary Dial 'CHIRPS'.
*Programmable for Initiation Voltage by Simple External Resistor.
29V DIP-8  
TA31002 Telephone Tone Ringer

*Current consumption is small. (at no-load)
*Package is compaction. (DIP-8 pin)
*Oscillation frequency is variable.
*Built-in threshold circuits prevent false triggering due
to power noise as well as “chirps” due to rotary dial.
*Few external components.
29V DIP-8  
*: Under  Development
(b.) Telephone Speech IC  
Part No. Features VCC Package
TEA1098 Speech and Handsfree IC

Line interface
*Operating voltage down to 1.6 V.
*Built-in adjustable DC voltage regulator.
*Transmitting amplifier usable with dynamic, magnetic, electret or
piezo-electric microphones.
*DTMF input for confidence tone.
*MUTE input for pulse or DTMF dialling.
*Provides 3.35V regulated supply for microcontrollers or dialers.
*Optimized power supply that depends on line current.
*Filtered 2V for electret microphone.
*PD pin can have chip power-down.
*Asymmetrical high input impedance for electret microphone.
*Loudspeaker amplifier with single-ended rail-to-rail output and
externally adjustable gain.
*Loudspeaker amplifier with dynamic limiter and logarithmic volume
*Duplex controller with Signal and noise envelope monitors for both
channels and have sensitivities and switch-over and idle mode
timing adjustable.
*Voice switch control have adjustable switching range and constant
sum of gain during switching.
12V SOP-40 SSOP-40
TEA1098/A 400mW
TEA1062N/AN Low Voltage Transmission Circuit with Dialler Interface

* Low d.c. line voltage; operates down to 1.6V
(excluding polarity guard).
* Voltage regulator with adjustment static resistance.
* Provides supply with limited current for external circuitry.
* Symmetrical high-impedance inputs (64kΩ)
for dynamic, magnetic or piezoelectric microphones.
* Asymmetrical high-impedance inputs (32kΩ)
for electrets microphones.
* DTMF signal input with confidence tone.
* Mute input for pulse or DTMF dialing.
* Receivering amplifier for several types of earphones.
* Large amplification setting range on microphone and earpiece
* Line loss compensation facility, line current depedant
(microphone and earpiece amplifiers).
* Gain control adaptable to exchange supply.
* Possibility to adjust the d.c. line voltage
12V DIP-16 SOP-16
TEA1110A Low Voltage Versatile Telephone Transmission Circuit
with Dialler Interface

Low DC line voltage; operates down to 1.6V (excluding voltage
drop over external polarity guard)
* Voltage regulator with adjustable DC voltage
* Provides a supply for external circuits
* Symmetrical high impedance inputs (64kΩ) for dynamic, magnetic
or piezo-electric microphones
* Asymmetrical high impedance input (32kΩ) for electric
* DTMF input with confidence tone
* MUTE input for pulse or DTMF dialling
* Receiving amplifier for dynamic, magnetic or piezo-electric
* AGC line loss compensation for microphone and earpiece
12V DIP-14 SOP-14
L6726 Universal Speech Circuit

*Minimum number of inexpensive external components, 5
capacitors and 11 resistors.
*Mute function for operation with DTMF-generator.
*Transmit and receive gain regulation for automatic loop loss
*Extended current and voltage range 5~130mA, down to 2V.
*Differential microphone input for good balance to ground.
*Balanced receiver output stage.
*Short start-up time.
*Stabilized DC-supply for low current CMOS dialers and/or
electret microphones.
*DTMF-input controlled by mute.
22V SOP-18 DIP-18
TEA1112A* Low Voltage Versatile Telephone Transmission Circuit
with Dialler Interface
12V DIP-14 SOP-14
*: Under  Development
(c.) Voice Switched Speaker-phone IC  
Part No. Features VCC Package
L38812 Voice Switch Circuit for Handsfree Speakerphone TAM

* Low power consumption, 1.0mA in all at the typical voltage
* Background noise compensation in the transmitting channel
with hold function.
* Good noise performance.
* The least external components needed for function.
* Settable gain dynamics (25 or 50dB)
* Balanced inputs of both the channel input amplifiers.
3.3V DIP-18  SOP-16
MC34118 Voice Switched Speaker-Phone Circuit

* Attenuator gain range: 52dB (between Transmit and Receive)
* For line-powered applications : 3~6.5V low voltage operation
* For improved sensitivity :4-point signal sensing
* For Transmit and Receive paths: background noise monitors
* External resistors set microphone amplifier gain
* Mute function included
* Chip disable: active or standby operation
* During dial tone presence: dial tone detector to inhibit receive idle
3.5V ~ 6.5V DIP-28 SOP-28 SDIP-28
MC33218 Voice Switched Speaker-Phone with Microprocessor Interface

* Supply Voltage Range: 2.7V ~ 6.5V
* Attenuator Range: 53 or 27 dB (selectable)
* 2 Point Sensing with background Noise monitor in each path
* Microprocessor port for control of:
Volume control(40dB range over 16 levels)
Mute microphone amplifier
Force to receive transmit, or idle modes
Attenuator range selection(27 or 53dB)
*includes are amplifiers, attenuators, level detectors and control algorithm
* A dial tone detector prevents fading of dial tone.
* A chip disable pin permits conserving power when the circuit is not in use.
* The data port can be operated at up to 1.0MHz
* I t can be used in conjunction with a variety of speech networks.
2.7V~6.5V DIP-24 SOP-24
34.0 ~ 46.0dB
MC34018 Voice Switched Speaker-Phone Circuit

* Chip Select pin for Power conservation (active/standby mode).
* Integrated all necessary active circuitry for a hand-free telephone
into one single chip.
* Operating under wide dynamic range through signal compression
* Build-In voltage regulators illuminate external regulators for lining
* Monitoring system for background noise level.
* Background sound level compensation for transmit and
receive levels as well as the background level.
* Power audio amplifier for typical 100mW output (into 25Ω) with
peak limiting for speaker to minimize distortion.
* Volume control function for external volume control circuit.
6.0V~11.0V DIP-28 SOP-28 SSOP-28 SDIP-28
24.5 ~ 32.5dB
*: Under  Development
(d.) For Cordless Phone   
Part No. Features VCC Package
UA31136 FM IF Detector IC for Cordless Telephone

* Low operation voltage: VCC = 1.8 ~ 5.5V
* Excellent temperature characteristics
* High sensitivity
12dB sensitivity: 11dBμV EMF (Input 50Ω)
* High intercept point: 96dBμV (Input 50Ω)
* Quadrature detector, both ceramic and coil discriminators are
* Built-in 2nd MIX
Operating frequency: 10 ~ 100MHz
* Built-in noise detection circuit
* RSSI function
1.8V~5.5V TSSOP-16 
UA31180* Filterless IF Detector IC for Cordless Telephone 1.8V~5.5V SSOP-24 
MC3361BP Low Voltage/Power Narrow Band FM IF

*Low power consumption (4.0mA typ. at Vcc=4.0V)
*Excellent input sensitivity
(-3dB limiting, 2.0mVrms typ.)
*Minimum number of external components required.
*Operating Voltage: 2.5~7.0V
2.5V~7.0V DIP-16 SOP-16 TSSOP-16
3362 Low Power FSK IF IC

* Operation Voltage: 3.5V ~ 5.5V
* Low current consumption: 2.1mA@ VDD=3.5V
* Operating frequency up to 30MHz
* Single chip FSK receiver
* -102dBm sensitivity (BER=10E-3)
* Full ESD protection
3.5V~5.5V SOP-8
8507 4mA Compander

* Wide Supply Voltage (2.4 ~ 7V )
* Easy Gain Control
* Mute/Bypath Logic
* Data In/Out Pin
7.0V(Max) DIP-20  SOP-20
UTA31101 Compander IC For Cordless Telephone

* Wide operating supply voltage range: VCC=1.8~9V
* For noise reduction, compressor and expandor are incorporated
into a package.
* Low operating supply voltage and small consumption current
make this IC suitable for its application to the sets using the
battery such as the codeless telephone set. etc.
VCC(MIN)=1.8V (TA=25°C
ICCQ=2.7mA (Typ.) (VCC=3V, TA=25°C)
* Recommendable operating supply voltage: VCC=3V
9.0V(Max) DIP-16 SOP-16 TSSOP-16
ULA1235 FM IF System Applications

* IF amplifier, limiter.
* Tuning meter null circuit. functions
* AF preamplifier.
* Signal intensity muting drive output.
* Quadrature detection
* Detuning muting drive output.
* AF signal muting circuit.
* IF amplifier stop circuit.
* AFC, tuning meter drive output.
* Signal meter drive output.
14V(Max) DIP-16 SOP-16
*: Under  Development