Television Circuit  
Part No. Features Supply Voltage(V) VCC /  VSW Package
PD(mW) -
PC1031 B/W TV Horizontal Deflection Circuit

*Low external components required
*Wide operating supply voltage(9V-18V)
*Adjustable synchronous input range
*Adjustable blanking voltage
*Large output current(2AP-P)
*Built in adjustable fly-back time
9.0V ~ 18.0V Vcc(=12V) SIP-10H
1500mW Fvo=60(HZ) VSAT=1.3V(Typ)
PC1353 B/W TV Audio Processing Circuit

* Wide operating supply voltage,9V ~ 18V
When VCC=18V,RL=8Ω,Output is 2.4W(17"TV)
When VCC=12V,RL=8Ω,Output is 1.2W(12"TV)
* Linear volume control
* Low harmonic distortion
* Differential peak detector
* Attenuation circuit for noise suppression(Typical80dB)
9.0V ~ 18.0V Vcc(=12V) DIP-14H
800mW fS=50 ~ 50K(Hz) VATT=-80(dB)
PC1379  1-Chip Deflection System

*Low power consumption, direct deflection coil driving
capability(Fly-back voltage two times as high supply voltage
is supplied during fly-back period only)
*Variable circuit of vertical retrace time on chip
9.6V ~ 14.0V Vcc(=12V) DIP-16H
1300mW Fvo=60(HZ) VMID=5.8V
T78040 Vertical Deflection Output Circuit

* Deflection current can be 1.8A peak value
* Deflection voltage up to 70V
* Flyback generator
* Thermal protection circuit
* Low cross-over distortion
* Supports DC Coupling
16.0V ~ 33.0V Vsw  =70V Max TO-220Z7
9000mW I5H=0.9A V5H=3.2V(Max)
T78041 Vertical Deflection Output Circuit

* Low power operation achieved by using integrated charge pump
* Vertical output circuit.
* Thermal protection circuit.
* Excellent crossover characteristics.
* Supports DC coupling.
16.0V ~ 33.0V Vsw  =70V Max TO-220Z7
9000mW I5H=1.1A V5H=3.5V(Max)
T8172 Vertical Deflection Output Circuit

* Power Amplifier
* Thermal Protection Circuit
* Flyback Generator
* Low cross-over distortion
35.0V(Max) Vsw  =60V Max TO-220Z7
20W(90) I5=1.2A V5H=2.2V(Max)
T8177 Vertical Deflection Booster

* Deflection current can be 3.0A peak value
* Deflection voltage up to 70V (on Pin 5)
* Flyback Generator
* Thermal Protection Circuit
* Supports DC Coupling
10.0V ~ 35.0V Vsw  =75V Max TO-220Z7
 - I5=1.5A V5H=2.3V(Max)
AN5151 TV VIF & SIF & Deflection System

*IF Amplifier, IF AGC
*Video Amplifier, Video Detector
*Noise Canceller, Forward RF AGC
*Tuner AFT,SIF Amplifier
*Sound Detector, sync separation
*Vertical oscillation trigger and driver
*Horizontal oscillation driver and AFC
12.0V(Max) Vcc(=10V) DIP-28
1100mW Gvf=6.0(MHz) VMAX=110(dB)
CW574 33V Color TV Voltage Regulator

* Low temperature coefficient
* Low dynamic resister
* Typical voltage: 33V
VZ=35.0V(Max) Vz=33.0V TO-92-2
200mW Rz=10Ω(Typ) F=1KHz
*: Under  Development