A-D or D-A Converter  
Part No. Features VCC IDD Package
M62364 8-Bit 8-Ch Multiplying D-A Converter with Buffer Amplifier

*Three-wiring serial data transmission
*Doubled precision 8-ch D/A converter employing an R-2R
with higher-order segment method
*8 buffer amplifiers operating in a whole supply voltage range
from VDD to GND
*4-quadrant multiplication
2.7V ~ 3.6V 3.5mA SOP-24
- ±10uA
UA2311 16 Bits Digital to Analog Converter

* CMOS Technology
* Low Power Consumption
* Two Voltage Output Channels in the same chip
* 16-bits Dynamic Range
* Low Total Harmonic Distortion
4.75V ~ 5.25V - DIP-8 SOP-8
- 0.1uA
M1725 Stereo Audio Digital to Analog Converter
16 Bits  96KHz Sampling

* Complete Stereo DAC System: Interpolation, D/A, Output Analog
* 16-Bit Conversion
* 95dB Dynamic Range
* Single +5V Power Supply
* 16kHz to 96kHz Multiple Sampling Frequencies
* 8X Oversampling Digital Filter
* 256 fS /384 fS System Clock
* Normal or I2S Data Input Formats
4.5V ~ 5.5V 13mA SOP-14
300mW ±0.8uA
M4334 Stereo Audio Digital to Analog Converter
24 Bits  96KHz Sampling

* Complete stereo DAC: Includes Output Analog Filter and DAC
* Dynamic Range: 96dB
* THD+N: -88dB
* Multiple Sampling Frequencies: 16kHz to 96kHz
* Low Clock Jitter Sensitivity
* Single Power Supply: 5V
* Filtered Line Level Outputs
* On-Chip Digital De-emphasis
* Normal or I2S Data Input Formats
* 24Bits Conversion
4.75V ~ 5.5V 15mA SOP-8
75mW ±10uA
7106 3 1/2 Digit,LCD/LED Display,A-D Converters

*Guaranteed Zero Reading for 0V Input On All Scales
*True Polarity At Zero for Precise Null Detection
*1pA Typical Input Current
*True Differential Input And Reference, Direct Drive
LCD Display
*Low Noise-Less than 15μVp-p
*On chip Clock and Reference
*Low Power Dissipation-Typically Less than 10mW
*No Additional Active Circuits Required
*Enhanced Display Stability
15.0V IEP=1.8mA DIP-40 SSOP-40
- 10pA
ADCU1302* Digital Microphone Preamplifier for ECM Microphones in Mobile Devices 2.64 ~ 3.63V 600uA SOP-8
 - -
*: Under  Development