Radio and Cassette Recorder Circuit  
Part No. Features Supply Voltage         VDD/VCC Package
LM8560 Digital Alarm Clock  -15.0V ~ 0.3V VDD=-14.0V ~ -7.5V SDIP-28
700mW - -
TS2043 4 -WireTouch Panel controller

* Power Supply Voltage: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
* Serial Interface
* 4-Wire Touch Panel Interface
* Embedded Touch Panel Drivers
* 12-Bit AD Converter
* Programmable 8 or 12 Bit Resolution
* Conversion Rate: 125 KHz
* 2 Auxiliary Analog Inputs
* Full Power Down Control
-0.3V ~ 6.0V VCC= 2.7V ~ 5.5V SSOP-16 
 - -  -
L2572 Wideband Pll FM Demodulator

* Constant voltage and constant current control
* Single chip PLL system for wideband FM demodulation
* Simple low component count application
* Allows for application of threshold extension
* Fully balanced low radiation design
* High operating input sensivity
* Improved VCO stability with variations in supply or
* AGC detect and bias adjust
* 75Ω video output drive with low distortion levels
* Dynamic self biasing analog AFC
* Full ESD Protection
-0.3V ~ 7.0V VCC= 4.5V ~ 5.5V SOP-16 
250mW -  -
LAG665F 1-Chip Radio and Cassette Circuit Recorder.

*1-Chip stereo tape recorder with motor speed controller.
*Operating supply voltage range: VCC=2~5V
*Good volume control
-0.3V ~ 7.5V VCC= 3.0V SOP-28
450mW GVO=72dB CT=30dB
TS20 2.4V, 10uA Analog Temperature Sensor

* Power Supply Voltage:2.4V ~ 5.5V
* 2.5°C Accuracy
* 10uA MAX. Current Consumption
* Temperature Range -55°C to +130°C
* Predictable Curvature Error
* Suitable for Remote Applications
-0.2V ~ 6.5V VCC= 2.4V ~ 5.5V SOT-25
 - -  -
TDA7088 FM Receiver Circuit for Battery Supply 5.0V Vcc=3.0V (RL=22kΩ) SOP-16
- Firf=0.5~110MHz Vo(rms)=85mV
7642 1-Chip AM Radio Circuit

*Low operating voltage: Down to VCC=1.3V
*Low Quiescent Current: ICCO=0.2mA
*Low external component required.
6.0V Vcc=1.2V ~ 1.6V TO-92 SOT-23
- - -
6610 Frequency and Clock Display Driver

* FM input with pre-scalar for radio frequency up to 150 MHz
* AM input for radio frequency up to 30 MHz
* 3 common, 13 segment, 1/3 bias LCD display drivers which
supports 4 digits LCD display
* On chip oscillator for external 32.768kHz crystal
* 10.7 MHz / 70 kHz I.F. frequency offset for FM signal and
455kHz I.F. frequency offset for AM signal
* Internal real time clock in 12 hour display mode
* Selectable clock or frequency display
* 1.8V to 3.3V supply voltage
7.0V VDD=3.0V QFP-48
- 0.5~30.0(MHz) 11.0~150.0(MHz)
TA2003* AM/FM Radio IC 8.0V VCC= 3.0V DIP-16 SOP-16
750mW/350mW S/N=43dB S/N=62dB
TA7640APL* AM/FM IF Processor 8.0V VCC= 5.0V DIP-16
750mW S/N=47dB S/N=65dB
CXA1191 AM/FM Radio  9.0V VCC= 6.0V DIP-28 SOP-28
1000mW/700mW Gv2(1660KHz)=22dB Gv1(100MHz)=39dB
KA22427 1-Chip AM/FM Radio Circuit

*Low external components count.
*Wide operating voltage : 3 - 13 V.
*Internal regulated supply for constant current operation.
*DC selection of AM/FM mode.
11.0V VCC= 5.5V DIP-16 
600mW S/N=20dB GV=40dB
TA7613AP 1-Chip AM/FM Radio IC

*Low external components count.
*Wide operating voltage: 3 - 13 V.
*Internal regulated supply for constant current operation.
*DC selection of AM/FM mode.
11.0V VCC= 5.5V DIP-16 
600mW S/N=20dB GV=40dB
A6043 FM Stereo Multiplex

* Low and wide operation: VCC= 3V~12V
* High pilot lamp ON sensitivity: VL(ON) = 9mVrms (Typ.)
* Suitable for LED driving: ILAMP = 20mA (Max.)
* Recommendable input voltage range: VIN = 200~700mVrms
* Low distortion: THD = 0.08% (Typ.) at VIN = 200mVrms(Stereo)
* VCO stop capability stereo lamp and turn off are simultaneously
operated by connect pin 7 to VCC.
* Easy adjustment (The monitored free running frequency of VCO
is 38kHz at pin 6.)
12.0V VCC= 8.0V SIP-9
500mW Gv=0.5dB Cs=45dB
A6225 Dual  Pre-Amplifier

* Dual pre amplifier for cat or home stereo use.
* High voltage gain: GVO = 100dB (Typ.) at f= 1kHz.
* Excellent channel separation and high ripple rejection
: CS = 65dB(Typ.)
(f = 10kHz, RG = 2.2kΩ, VOUT= 0dBm)
: RR = 50dB(Typ.)
* Low noise: VNI = 1.0μV(Typ.) at RG = 2.2kΩ, Bw =20Hz~20kHz
* Wide operating supply voltage range: VCC = 6~16V (TA = 25°C)
16.0V VCC= 6.0V SIP-9
700mW GVC=41.5dB Cs=65dB
BA3308 Dual Pre-Amplifier with ALC

* Wide operating power supply voltage range
(VCC =4.5V ~ 14V)
* Power-on mute circuit to avoid “pop” noise generation.
* No input coupling capacitors are necessary
* High gain (GVO=80dB)and low noise (VNIN=1μVrms)
* Low distortion (THD=0.1%)
* Good ALC channel balance with built-in ALC rectifier diode
* Adjustable ALC dynamic range by external input resistor.
16.0V VCC= 7.0V SOP-14 SIP-9
450mW/950mW GVO=80dB Cs=75dB
KA22241 Dual Equalizer Amplifier with ALC

* Dual equalizer amplifier with built-in ALC circuit
* Low noise VNI=1.0μV(Typical)
* High open loop voltage gain: Gv=80dB(Typical)
* Good ALC response balance between channels
* Not necessary the input coupling capacitor
* Not necessary the diode or transistor for ALC
* Built in power supply muting circuit
* Minimum number of external parts required
16.0V VCC= 7.0V SOP-14 SIP-9
450mW/550mW GVO=80dB -
UTC571N Compandor

* Complete compressor and expandor in one Chip
* Temperature compensated
* Greater than 110dB dynamic range
* Operates down to 6VDC
* System levels adjustable with external components
* Distortion may be trimmed out
* Dynamic noise reduction systems
* Voltage-controlled amplifier
6.0V ~ 18V VCC= 5.0V SOP-16 SOP-16(W)
400mW/625mW - -
ULA1145 FM IF System (Quadrature Detector) For Car Radio

* Built-in IF count buffer circuit and microprocessor-controlled
switch circuit for ETR
* High S/N
* Wide range output
* More simplifies design:
- Built-in SD circuit—regulable sensitivity
independently of soft mute characteristics
- Variable S-meter gradient—output with three pins
6.0V ~ 18V VCC= 8.0V HTSSOP-20
630mW - -
*: Under  Development